Keep Ya Head Up

Cell phones are changing our posture and spines!  Tupac Shakur, the late famed rapper, got it right with his song, “Keep Ya Head Up.” His inspiring message is about staying positive and keep moving forward through challenging times. Tupac’s music came out in the early 90’s, before cell phones were popular, but I think he knew what was coming. 

Long term cell phone use is negatively affecting our spinal
alignment and health.  Check out my colleagues Dr. Ben Glass, DC and Dr. Irena Velichko, DC and their blog article- 3 Highly Effective Exercises To Shift Your Text Neckabout forward head posture and includes exercises and strategies to improve “text neck”. There’s many other interesting articles on their blog about Chiropractic and natural wellness. 

Dr. Ben Glass and Dr. Irena Velichko are chiropractors and owners of The Shift Chiropractic in Oakland, California.  We are Life West Chiropractic College alumni and friends from school.  Dr. Glass and Dr. Vzelichko are leaders in chiropractic and the health consciousness revolution.  Visit them or refer a friend if you ever need amazing chiropractors in California.  

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