The expression of intelligence through matter is a core concept of chiropractic, meaning we’re both metaphysical and physical beings.  Metaphysical means “transcending physical matter or the laws of nature; a reality beyond what is perceptible to the senses; supernatural,” according to Merriam- Webster dictionary. The root of chiropractic in greek is similar to the ancient greek word kyros, which means Gods presence, Lord, supreme in authority or master in scripture.   Innate intelligence is God’s life and wisdom in us, which adapts and coordinates all life processes in the body.  

Everyday I’m amazed by God’s awesome power and intelligence in all life.  The vis medicatrix naturae (“the healing power of nature”) is inherent in all creation and in our body’s ability to heal itself.  We’re spirit and body, the unknowable in earthen vessels.   

The specific chiropractic adjustment reconnects man the physical with the spiritual, allowing life force to flow uninterrupted throughout the nervous system, and clear reception to the inner spirit.  This natural process re-establishes a state of ease and healing in the body.  

Miracles are real!  Principled chiropractors expect miracles. 

“Miracles are manifestations for which science has no definition, no analysis.”

– B. J. Palmer

The supernatural adjustment is when God takes our natural and adds his super.  I believe miracles happen in the presence of love, focus, belief and faith in chiropractic and God’s ability to heal.  In the office we pray, listen to praise and worship music, use anointing oil, speak the word, and follow the Holy Spirit when taking care of people.  The laying on of hands, praying for patients, and the anointing (presence of God) brings supernatural accelerated healing, peace, joy with signs, wonders and miracles.  


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