The bodies inborn ability to heal and function is miraculous when you think about it.  Chiropractic adjustments remove the cause of interference in the nervous system, allowing the body to heal naturally. This is a normal cause and effect process. The chiropractic philosophy is that health comes from above, down, inside, out (God powered life force, brain, body) and when we live clear of interference within our body, we’re fully connected to our spirit, which keeps us alive and well.

Compare this to medicine. Medicines outside> in quick fix approach to health, addresses symptoms and not the root cause. In our modern world of medical science and biotechnology, the publics view of “health care” has become synonymous with diagnosis and treatment of disease with synthetic drugs (poisons), exploratory and emergency surgeries, invasive procedures, vaccinations, therapeutics, and every new advancement to replace the natural ability of mans body to heal itself.   Medications alter body chemistry, and hormone production.  This desensitize the bodies ability to self regulate and interrupt the bodies natural healing mechanisms, creating harmful side effects, especially when multiple medicines are prescribed.  

I’m not arguing the need for medical care.  It’s critical to the world and helps save and prolong many lives. I’m happy that I have access to the best medical care in the world in case of an emergency.  I believe most medical doctors are good, smart people that chose their profession to genuinely help people.  Some doctors also suck.  Most chiropractors don’t understand what chiropractic truly is, don’t know how to adjust and operate more like physicians. I’ll write another post about this… That’s why it’s vital to find a principled chiropractor. 

Here lies the paradox. Chiropractic and medicine “admit the same principle”, that “Nature Cures,”… but “one in theory, the other in practice”- BJ Palmer.  Medicine loses sight of the “source” of healing, operating under a faulty premise.  Its sickness and disease care, not health care, and often causes more harm and death than good.  There are countless deaths and injuries from prescription overdose, surgeries, complications from drug interactions, vaccination reactions and medical malpractice.  Consider the devastating effects of people taking drugs for years which weaken the body and immune system.  Lobotomies and electric shock therapy were common practices in the 1950’s!   The medical system is insane. 

The general public idolizes the medical doctor, and values their knowledge and professional opinion as superior, while the chiropractor is often still viewed as a quack (not a real doctor).  In reality, chiropractic education includes more curriculum hours in science education than medical programs, focussing on anatomy of the nervous system, and spinal adjusting instead of pharmacology and surgery.  Medical physicians may advise against going to a chiropractor as being dangerous, or delaying chiropractic until they’ve seen a neurologist, orthopedic surgeon, doctor of osteology, physical therapist or acupuncturist.  People foolishly place their lives in someone else’s hands and don’t take responsibility for their health, often suffering needlessly and dying early in the process.   

The result is that the worlds health is upside down.  Pharmaceutical companies are drug cartels funding the media, university medical programs, hospitals, and government policies to control, and promote drug sales and reshape public opinion.  Drug companies have brainwashed Americans by direct advertising of deadly drugs (The US and New Zealand are the only countries where it’s legal).  We live in a crazy world. 

“Medicine is the study of disease and what causes man to die. Chiropractic is the study of health and what causes man to live.” – B. J. Palmer (Developer of Chiropractic)

Chiropractic is simple and pure. When people get under chiropractic care after years of living in the medical world, the normal processes of natural healing are opposite to what people have been taught their entire lives and often unbelievable.  The  chiropractic lifestyle is living in tune with your body’s innate intelligence through receiving regular chiropractic care and understanding that true health comes from within.  











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