“90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine.”

– Dr Roger Sperry

1981 Nobel Peace Prize winner for brain research

Chiropractic improves brain function 

Chiropractic care is all about enhancing life force and intelligence flowing within you.  Chirorpactic adjustments help restore the nervous systems ability to coordinate all functions in the body and essential for optimal long term health. As humans, our creator, God almighty, designed us with an inborn innate intelligence, which coordinates all life processes within and allows us to consciously perceive the world. Interferences to the life power flowing through our nerves occurs throughout life due to stress, and blocks the effectiveness of the body’s ability to coordinate information and adapt. 29% of Americans believe stress is the cause of their back pain. (They’re correct) These we refer to as subluxations in the spine, which over time break down your bodies ability to function efficiently and cause dis-ease.  A specific scientific life changing chiropractic adjustment is delivered to restore and enhance life flowing throughout the body. The adjustment given at the right place and time will change your life. 

Life is motion. Nobel prize winner, Dr. Roger Sperry, found that 90% of the brain’s stimulation and nutrition comes from the movement of the spine. The chiropractic adjustment restores movement in the spine, allowing life power to flow through your nervous system, to all parts of your body, enhancing body and mind function. Spinal movement enhances brain-body connection and acuity.

Ruach Chiropractic focusses on community wellness for you and your family’s health. We’re here to support and educate you for lifelong natural health.  Come experience the life changing power of chiropractic. 



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