10 Keys For A Healthy Fulfilled Life 

Assess your life and see where you could improve and redesign your priorities in these aspects of your life.  Develop a plan, schedule time and focus on implementing these fundamentals to succeed in every area of your life.  

Spend time with God 

Praise, worship, spend time in nature in silence and listen, pray daily 

Renew your mind 

Read the Bible, listen to anointed preaching and teaching, read great books, study, write

Get chiropractic adjustments

Chiropractic wellness care for you and your family is essential. Learn the importance of taking care of your spine and nervous system, and other essential elements of your health in a principled chiropractic office.  Share this essential knowledge with others. 

Eat well

Eat food from good sources, mostly greens, fruit, high quality organic grass fed meat, wild fish, stay away from processed, artificial foods and sugars. Invest in premium nutritional supplements. 


Exercise 30 minutes per day, including high intensity interval training (hiit), weight lifting, core exercises, walks, stretching, swimming, sports, and focussed breathing. 

Speak Life 

Words create worlds. Pay attention to what you’re saying. Speak in faith for what your’ believing for, including healing, provision, and dreams.  Stay strong, positive, and joyful. 


Giving with a glad heart is fundamental to a prosperous joyful life and comes back to bless you.  Express gratitude, help serve others, give gifts, smiles, give tithes and offerings, and do everything in love.


Work hard and do what you’re passionate about to contribute to better the world.  


6- 8 hours/ day of restful sleep.  I suggest going to sleep early and waking up early  for a productive day. 


Spend time doing what you love doing, invest in relationships that help you grow, spend quality time with your spouse and family, travel, try new foods, laugh. You get one life so make it great.  

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