What do you know about Chiropractic?

When I ask most people they say, “It’s for when you hurt your back, or you go to get your neck cracked.  Yes, Chiropractic does help to reduce musculoskeletal pain.  The “crack” you may hear is pressure being released from the joint capsule of the spine.  However, these descriptions are incomplete, and miss the big idea about the true PURPOSE of Chiropractic. The majority of people are misinformed about WHAT WE DO and WHY. 

As a Chiropractor, I educate people about natural health and the vital role of the NEURO-SPINAL SYSTEM in coordinating EVERY FUNCTION of the body.  Every single process that goes on within you, from the time you were conceived until death, is coordinated by your nervous system. It’s up to you to take care of it.

Chiropractors check the spine for SUB-LUX-ATION (the root cause of nerve interference), and apply SPECIFIC ADJUSTMENTS, allowing your body’s nerve system to restore balance, promoting healing from within.  No drugs or surgery are needed.  When’s the last time your nerve system was checked?  What about your kids?

People often tell me- Thank G-d I’ve never needed to go to a chiropractor… or I went once when I had a car accident, and I’m good now.  These responses show peoples lack of understanding about the importance of Chiropractics role in maintaining overall health.  Chiropractic enhances the flow of VITAL LIFE ENERGY between the BRAIN and BODY, creating OPTIMAL LIFE EXPRESSION.

Who wouldn’t want that?

DD Palmer, founder of Chiropractic, in his original office in Davenport, Iowa.

CHIROPRACTIC comes from the Greek words “cheir“ (hand) and “praktikós” (practice) meaning to practice or done by hand.  D.D. Palmer, the founder of Chiropractic, coined this term in 1895. 

The word ch’i or qi (energy flow, life force) originates from traditional Chinese culture; which describes a vital life-energy within all living things.  Chiropractic is founded on the fundamental principal that an organizing intelligence is inherent in all life.

Chiropractic focusses on improving the structure and function of the spine and nerve system; the master control network of the body. This improves the communication pathways between the brain and body, resulting in better health.

Chiropractors do not diagnose or treat symptoms using drugs or surgery.  Chiropractic is simple.  ADJUSTMENTS to the spine clear interference in nerve system, allowing the body to heal itself naturally. 

Research shows importance of cervical curve on overall health. 

In our technology culture, the repetitive use of cell phones and computers causes increased stress and strain on the neck, resulting in forward head posture and flattening of the curve in the neck.  Every inch forward the skull leans over the body causes an additional 10 lbs of pressure on the spine.  A normal curvature in the neck is between 39-45 degrees. 

A team of researchers evaluated the effects of chronic compression, associated with cervical kyphosis (reversal of cervical curvature) on the cervical spine and spinal cord.

The study “Spinal kyphosis causes demyelination and neuronal loss in the spinal cord,” was done at the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, School of Medicine, Keio University, in Tokyo, Japan, and published in Spine Journal.

In the study, surgical spine procedures were performed at the C4–C5 level in 52 small game fowls to induce change in normal biomechanics of the cervical spine.

In all operated animals, there was a significant correlation between progressive kyphosis (loss of cervical curve) with spinal cord compression.  Demyelination (damage to the protective covering of surrounding nerve fibers) as well as neuronal loss and atrophy (breakdown of tissue) were observed. Demyelination progressed as the kyphotic deformity became more severe.  Mechanical compression and vascular changes in the spinal cord were observed, resulting in decreased blood flow through the carotid arteries.

The research study highlights the negative long term effects of Subluxation (reduced spinal motion) leading to;

  • degeneration of the spine
  • loss of normal spinal curvature
  • spinal cord compression
  • reduced vascular flow

Chiropractic care helps improve motion in the spine and reduce spinal cord tension.  Get your spine checked by a Chiropractor and experience greater health and vitality!


Shimizu, Kentaro, et al. “Spinal Kyphosis Causes Demyelination and Neuronal Loss in the Spinal Cord.” Spine, vol. 30, no. 21, Nov. 2005, pp. 2388–2392.