The effect of the “laying on of hands” on transplanted breast cancer in mice

A research study observed the effects of “laying on of hands” and its effects on healing in mice. The experiments were done at laboratory facilities at St. Joseph’s College and Queens College in NY.  Mice with mammary adenocarcinoma were observed, which had predicted a 100% fatality between 14 and 27 days subsequent to injection. The mice were treated for 1 hour per day for 1 month, and compared to a control group receiving no treatment.  The volunteers hands were placed on the outside of the cages of treated mice, and not even directly on the mice to produce the observed effects. The tumors on the experimental group developed a “blackened area,” then they ulcerated, imploded, and closed, and the mice lived their normal life spans. Control mice sent to another city died within the predicted time frame. Three replications using skeptical volunteers produced statistically similar results, with an overall cure rate of 87.9% in 33 experimental mice. Distance healing were performed in cities around the world with similar results.  Post histological studies indicated viable cancer cells through all stages of remission. Re-injections of cancer into the mice in remission did not take, suggesting a stimulated immunological response to the treatment.

Conclusions of the study revealed the following: Belief in laying on of hands is not necessary in order to produce the effect; there is a reproducible and predictable stimulated immune response to treatment; and the mice retain an immunity to the same cancer after remission. Future work is necessary to test various diseases and immunological studies of treatment effects.

Laying of the hands is powerful in its effects on healing.  The volunteers in the study were skeptical and didn’t believe in the healing strategy and it still worked!  The experimental mice weren’t informed and didn’t understand what was happening and miraculously they healed, while the untreated control group of mice all died within the predicted time frame.  What’s amazing is how this interaction between the volunteers in the study and the mice produced clear immunological responses, with full cancer remission and retained immunity for 29 out of 33 mice tested.  

Chiropractic is a science, art, and philosophy of things natural and the relationship between the innate intelligence within us.  Adjustments are done by hand, clearing the energetic pathways between the brain and body, allowing the bodymind to heal from within.  Chiropractors don’t heal you, but find and release the interferences to the intelligence and life force inside you that does the healing.  This study shows the incredible healing power of touch, intention and presence in reversing disease processes and restoring health and life.  Chiropractic care helps people restore connection to their inner wisdom, creating greater adaptability and freedom to live healthy.


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Why every pregnant mom needs to see a Chiropractor

Adjustments remove interference in the nervous system, the master control system within the body, allowing optimal health and life processes to function in the mother and baby.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care Before Pregnancy
  • More regular menstrual cycle and optimal uterine function
  • Prepares the body to be strong and balanced to carry your pregnancy
  • Restoring nerve supply to reproductive organs helps with fertility problems
  • Strengthens immune system

Chiropractic During Pregnancy

  • Helps leg cramps, pubic bone and low back pain during pregnancy
  • Maintains pelvic structures in proper alignment, preventing pressure build up on the sciatic nerves and round ligaments. This promotes optimal fetal position and leads to a safer and easier labor
  • Stress reduction and hormonal balance
Post Delivery
  • Helps with birth trauma received during the labor and delivery process, particularly when medical interventions such as vacuum extraction, episiotomy, caesarean sections and other surgical procedures are employed.
  • Breastfeeding challenges
  • Parents report symptom relief of infantile colic, constipation, chronic ear infections, bed-wetting, torticollis, scoliosis, acid-reflux, asthma and ADHD
Postural Changes During Pregnancy



















Dr. Zach Gower is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). He is trained and certified in the Webster Technique- a safe and gentle chiropractic approach for pregnancy which helps stabilize the pelvis, reduce pressure and tension in the pelvic muscles and ligaments, and support the baby to naturally assume a normal birth position.  Chiropractic care for pregnancy has been shown to help reduce labour times, maintains pelvic floor stability and improve balance and structure in the mother’s spine and pelvis. Dr. Gower is passionate about providing chiropractic for pregnant women and helping families and children express their optimal health potential. 


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