5 Products For Functional Movement

Mini Trampoline

Rebound exercise is great for improvement in balance, bone density, strength and cardio.  Adults can have fun using trampolines too. 

Balance Board

Improves balance and core muscle strength by enhancing feedback to the cerebellum which controls balance and movement.  Builds brain neural connectivity and makes you smarter.  

Hanging Pull Up Bar

The pull up is essential for improved overall bodyweight and core strength training.  It’s also an excellent way to decompress the spine by hanging and allowing the force of gravity to release spine and muscle tension. Even babies do it. 

Inversion Hanging 

Can help reduce tension/ pain in spine and give you a new perspective of seeing things.  Batman does it too. 

Weighted Vest/ Leg Weights


Great for functional strength improvement while walking/ running and training.

I use a 20 lb vest and 2.5 lb weights on each leg walking around the neighborhood and for workouts.  That’s not me in the above picture. 


5 Products To Support Your Spine

Kneeling desk

Ergonomic design to reduce pressure and stress on spine. 


Core Stability Ball

Awesome for keeping upright posture while sitting (I’ve used this instead of a desk chair). Also great for core exercises and movement in spine. 

Foam Roller

Essential tool for reducing muscle tension in back, neck and legs. I use this everyday. 

Human Scale Foot Rest

Ergonomic stool take pressure of spine while sitting and creates relaxing rocking motion. 

Lumbar Support

Great for adding extra support to the low back lordosis (curve) and prevent rounded slouching posture while sitting in car or desk chair.